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We export high quality fresh cherries without breaking the cold air chain.
Regina / Napoleon cherry, Ziraat 0900
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Turkey's top supplier of quality cherries


Reliable premium cherry trade without breaking the cold air chain, Cherry Supplier Turkey

We have Compac SFS Optic Cherry Sorting Technology in our packing house line. We have options to sort based on color, firmness and nose crack of cherries.

Cherry packaging types

  • Punnet (10x500g punnets) 5 kg. Net
  • Carry Bag (6x800/830g bags) 5 kg. Net
  • Open Top Carton Box 2 kg. Net
  • Open Top Carton Box 5 kg. Net
  • Telescopic Carton Box 2.5 kg. Net
  • Telescopic Carton Box 4 kg. Net
  • Telescopic Carton Box 5 kg. Net

Cherry Certified Quality Standards

Meets customer needs with GRASP, ISO2200 and Global GAP. Our packing houses and treatment plants are also accredited for China, so we offer you reliable trade. We export superior quality Turkish cherries at unbeatable prices.

After 15 June, cherries in accordance with Asian standards are ready for export. In general, prices for cherries in Turkey, would be cheaper after the date of 15 June.

Sales & Production Season

Type; Regina / Napoleon cherry, Ziraat 0900

Quality standarts; ISO2200, Global GAP and GRASP

Month 1Month 2Month 3Transit Temp
manufacturer cherry in turkey May turkish cherry supplier June napoleon cherry turkey July 0 - 1 °C

Cherry Size Options

cherry with small boxes from turkey
  • 24 mm - 26 mm
  • 28 mm - 30 mm
  • 32 mm - 34 mm

Air Cargo Shipment

We export cherry with thermal pallet cover. We use these methods as it is very important not to break the cold chain.

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